Film en Stock of Daniel Leconte’s production company created in 2001 and dedicated to works of fiction for television and cinema.

President of Film en stock, Daniel Leconte (Albert London prize and Human Rights Prize) has produced over 500 documentary films within the Doc en Stock company he created in 1994. He is also the director of numerous documentaries and special reports.

Producer of fiction, Daniel Leconte has also put to screen « Princess Marie » by Benoit with Catherine Deneuve.

He’s produced and directed « C’est dur d’etre aimé par des cons », officially selected at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as « Le bal des menteurs » for which he received the Cesar for best documentary.

In 2010, he produced Carlos, a mini-series, directed by Olivier Assayas, in selection at Cannes and which won the Golden Globe for best mini-series.

Daniel Leconte has produced and directed with Emmanuel Leconte the documentary « L’humour à mort », an hommage to Charlie Hebdo and to the victims of the attacks of January 7th ; out in theaters December 16th 2015.

Daniel Leconte

Daniel Leconte
Daniel Leconte