It’s hard being loved by jerks

Having reproduced the 12 danish caricatures that angered muslims all around the world, Philippe Bal, head of Charlie Hebdo, the french satirical newspaper, is prosecuted. An extraordinary trial followed by Daniel Leconte in real time. To understand it are key actors, international, ideological and mediatic challenges. With, on film : lawyers,


A true myth, Carlos is at the heart of the history of international terrorism in the 70s and 80s, from propalestinian activism the the japanese Red Army. Both an left-wing extremist and an opportunistic mercenary available for hire by Middle-Eastern powers’ Secre Service, he’s built his own organization, on the

L’humour à mort

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A Sarah Levy film. Everything begins at the dawn of the 2&st century under the reign of the fearful sectarian chief Warlack, an experimental protocal of gene therapy tested on five human guinea pigs. Reputable molecular biologist, professor Jasmin directs the experimentation. At humanity’s peril. As our five guineau pigs

A song of innocence

In the 19th century, a young wet-nurse is hired by a couple of bourgeois to take care of their firstborn. A very close relationship is created between the wife and nurse. But the husband takes back the power and rstores orde rin the home…

the clearstream scandal

From September 21st to October 23rd 2009, the Place of justic in Paris held a trial for the Clearstream affair. A suspenseful scenario with an exceptional casting in political thriller that opposes Nicolas Sarkozy and Dominique de Villepin, a current President and an ex-Prime Minister. COnspiracy, political manipulation, calominous denunciations,


February 1944. Sheltered in the Saint-Benoit-on-Loire abbey, the poet Max Jacob lives a quasi-monastic life. One day, the Gestapo penetrates the covent and arrests him. A few days later, he is sent to the Drancy internment camp. Thousands of prisoners wait for their deportation towards Germany there. Longtime friend of

Princess Marie

A Benot Jacquot film with a scenario by Louis Gardel and Francois Olivier Rousseau. A magnificent portrait of a woman, Marie Bonaparte invokes the unique meeting between two figures with exceptional destinies : Napoleon’s descendant and Sigmund Freud, father of Psychoanalysis. Friend, confidante and disciple of the master, Marie Bonaparte will